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  1. Opening Credits
  2. Camera Room
  3. First Crash
  4. Airport Garage
  5. Car Chase
  6. Pillow Talk
  7. The Hooker
  8. Vaughn Dies
  9. Hospital
  10. Junkyard Crash
  11. Cat & Mouse (pt. 2)
C fl (afl in G), ob, clar (bcl), 2perc(perc 1: large bowed tam, bowed Waterphone, dark metal objects, small metal sculpture, tuned sus. gongs, cymbal, lg. metal jerry can w/mallets; perc 2: metal prepared piano w/mallets, dark metal objects, metal sculpture (w/rubber mallets), tuned sus. gongs, hand drums, various-sized cymbals w/metal brushes), 3hp, 6egtr
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